The Not In Our Name statement stands as a good example of what accountability to a victim can be.

That said, this has been going on since October, 2004! Way too long for it not to indicate serious problems within the organization, and the damage to Aura during this time was immense as was the work she had to do to turn this event around.

One thing that is missing from the NION statement is what was meant by "political support" for NION from Larry Flynt? How much money has Not In Our Name taken from Flynt most recently and in the past? There needs to be a public accounting and all that money should be donated to Aura Bogado. If Hustler didn't give money then NION need to make an organizational donation to Aura to cover her expenses and for her time as restitution expended due to their actions.

Also is Robert Corsini still the NION LA Organizer? Currently on larryflynt.com in an article entitled "Caught In the Crossfire" Corsini states that feminists and Pacifica are being investigated by Hustler magazine and it's hard to tell if he is part of the investigation.

Also Not In Our Name, in their apology wrote:
"Without collective input from any other Not in Our Name activist, he broadcast an email message to the Not in Our Name Los Angeles list, which included Aura Bogado, highlighting LarryFlynt.com’s political support for the RNC protest efforts. This broadcast email was the first time most Not in Our Name activists became aware of any connection with LarryFlynt.com."

In Hustler Robert Corsini wrote:
"When I first broached the idea during a national NION conference call, it was met with silence. After explaining the rationale behind my proposition and extrapolation on Flynt's track record in publishing what nobody else would, I received a reluctant nod to proceed. And I did."

These quotes represent a contradiction that ought to be further explain by NION.

Thank you for your consideration of these concerns, Nikki Craft


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