Larry Flynt's corporate-pimp speech is spoken with a
patriarchal accent, somehow through a vagina.
Exactly how is it that a woman's open vulva
became his mouthpiece?

For decades Larry Flynt, "free speech hero," has been wooing and using the Left to lend legitimacy to his corrupt, dehumanizing, and expanding empire. We reject this knowing or unknowing alliance.

At this site you will see who on the Left has been used by Larry Flynt: some unwillingly, some willingly, and some enthusiastically like Greg Palast.

You can read their own explanations of how some, like Noam Chomsky, were misled to be in Hustler magazine, you will be alerted to which groups Flynt routinely targets for abuse, and you will find analysis of Flynt’s speech relative to the speech of those he participates in oppressing.

If you are concerned about corrupt corporate limitations on human freedoms, civil rights, speech rights, anti-war/peace activism and animal rights, we invite you to visit Hustling The Left. This site was created for responsible speech to exist and be dispersed freely by you about the harm done by corporate pimp Larry Flynt and his pornography empire, including his collaborators, apologists, and his financially well-endowed bevy of lawyers.

Our speech is as protected as Flynt’s even though we’re not government spin-doctors, media moguls, advertising agencies, multimillionaire pornographers, and corporate pimps. This site exposes how Flynt’s harassment and bombastic bluster in response to our speech; and how he has used harassment and intimidation techniques so typical of those in power with greater privileges and resources.

Oppressed and systematically silenced people have no media empires, or reliable access to mainstream media, through which to speak critically about media, culture, and the politics of each. This site provides a forum for radical voices to be heard. --HtL, July 14, 2005